MATLAB Function Reference    

Surface and Mesh Plots

Creating Surfaces and Meshes

hidden Mesh hidden line removal mode
meshc Combination mesh/contourplot
mesh 3-D mesh with reference plane
peaks A sample function of two variables
surf 3-D shaded surface graph
surface Create surface low-level objects
surfc Combination surf/contourplot
surfl 3-D shaded surface with lighting
tetramesh Tetrahedron mesh plot
trimesh Triangular mesh plot
triplot 2-D triangular plot
trisurf Triangular surface plot

Domain Generation

griddata Data gridding and surface fitting
meshgrid Generation of X and Y arrays for 3-D plots

Color Operations

brighten Brighten or darken color map
caxis Pseudocolor axis scaling
colormapeditor Start colormap editor
colorbar Display color bar (color scale)
colordef Set up color defaults
colormap Set the color look-up table (list of colormaps)
ColorSpec Ways to specify color
graymon Graphics figure defaults set for grayscale monitor
hsv2rgb Hue-saturation-value to red-green-blue conversion
rgb2hsv RGB to HSVconversion
rgbplot Plot color map
shading Color shading mode
spinmap Spin the colormap
surfnorm 3-D surface normals
whitebg Change axes background color for plots


autumn Shades of red and yellow color map
bone Gray-scale with a tinge of blue color map
contrast Gray color map to enhance image contrast
cool Shades of cyan and magenta color map
copper Linear copper-tone color map
flag Alternating red, white, blue, and black color map
gray Linear gray-scale color map
hot Black-red-yellow-white color map
hsv Hue-saturation-value (HSV) color map
jet Variant of HSV
lines Line color colormap
prism Colormap of prism colors
spring Shades of magenta and yellow color map
summer Shades of green and yellow colormap
winter Shades of blue and green color map

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