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Convert HSV colormap to RGB colormap



M = hsv2rgb(H) converts a hue-saturation-value (HSV) colormap to a red-green-blue (RGB) colormap. H is an m-by-3 matrix, where m is the number of colors in the colormap. The columns of H represent hue, saturation, and value, respectively. M is an m-by-3 matrix. Its columns are intensities of red, green, and blue, respectively.

rgb_image = hsv2rgb(hsv_image) converts the HSV image to the equivalent RGB image. HSV is an m-by-n-by-3 image array whose three planes contain the hue, saturation, and value components for the image. RGB is returned as an m-by-n-by-3 image array whose three planes contain the red, green, and blue components for the image.


As H(:,1) varies from 0 to 1, the resulting color varies from red through yellow, green, cyan, blue, and magenta, and returns to red. When H(:,2) is 0, the colors are unsaturated (i.e., shades of gray). When H(:,2) is 1, the colors are fully saturated (i.e., they contain no white component). As H(:,3) varies from 0 to 1, the brightness increases.

The MATLAB hsv colormap uses hsv2rgb([hue saturation value]) where hue is a linear ramp from 0 to 1, and saturation and value are all 1's.

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