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Display colorbar showing the color scale



The colorbar function displays the current colormap in the current figure and resizes the current axes to accommodate the colorbar.

colorbar updates the most recently created colorbar or, when the current axes does not have a colorbar, colorbar adds a new vertical colorbar.

colorbar('vert') adds a vertical colorbar to the current axes.

colorbar('horiz') adds a horizontal colorbar to the current axes.

colorbar(h) uses the axes h to create the colorbar. The colorbar is horizontal if the width of the axes is greater than its height, as determined by the axes Position property.

h = colorbar(...) returns a handle to the colorbar, which is an axes graphics object.

colorbar(...,'peer',axes_handle) creates a colorbar associated with the axes axes_handle instead of the current axes.


colorbar works with two-dimensional and three-dimensional plots.


Display a colorbar beside the axes.

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