MATLAB Function Reference    

Handle Graphics

Finding and Identifying Graphics Objects

allchild Find all children of specified objects
copyobj Make copy of graphics object and its children
delete Delete files or graphics objects
findall Find all graphics objects (including hidden handles)
figflag Test if figure is on screen
findfigs Display off-screen visible figure windows
findobj Find objects with specified property values
gca Get current Axes handle
gcbo Return object whose callback is currently executing
gcbf Return handle of figure containing callback object
gco Return handle of current object
get Get object properties
ishandle True if value is valid object handle
set Set object properties

Object Creation Functions

axes Create axes object
figure Create figure (graph) windows
image Create image (2-D matrix)
light Create light object (illuminates Patch and Surface)
line Create line object (3-D polylines)
patch Create patch object (polygons)
rectangle Create rectangle object (2-D rectangle)
rootobject List of root properties
surface Create surface (quadrilaterals)
text Create text object (character strings)
uicontextmenu Create context menu (popup associated with object)

Figure Windows

capture Screen capture of the current figure
clc Clear figure window
clf Clear figure
close Close specified window
closereq Default close request function
drawnow Complete any pending drawing
figflag Test if figure is on screen
gcf Get current figure handle
hgload Load graphics object hierarchy from a FIG-file
hgsave Save graphics object hierarchy to a FIG-file
newplot Graphics M-file preamble for NextPlot property
opengl Change automatic selection mode of OpenGL rendering
refresh Refresh figure
saveas Save figure or model to desired output format

Axes Operations

axis Plot axis scaling and appearance
box Display axes border
cla Clear Axes
gca Get current Axes handle
grid Grid lines for 2-D and 3-D plots
ishold Get the current hold state

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