MATLAB Function Reference    

Specialized Plotting

Area, Bar, and Pie Plots

area Area plot
bar Vertical bar chart
barh Horizontal bar chart
bar3 Vertical 3-D bar chart
bar3h Horizontal 3-D bar chart
pareto Pareto char
pie Pie plot
pie3 3-D pie plot

Contour Plots

contour Contour (level curves) plot
contour3 3-D contour plot
contourc Contour computation
contourf Filled contour plot
ezcontour Easy to use contour plotter
ezcontourf Easy to use filled contour plotter

Direction and Velocity Plots

comet Comet plot
comet3 3-D comet plot
compass Compass plot
feather Feather plot
quiver Quiver (or velocity) plot
quiver3 3-D quiver (or velocity) plot

Discrete Data Plots

stem Plot discrete sequence data
stem3 Plot discrete surface data
stairs Stairstep graph

Function Plots

ezcontour Easy to use contour plotter
ezcontourf Easy to use filled contour plotter
ezmesh Easy to use 3-D mesh plotter
ezmeshc Easy to use combination mesh/contour plotter
ezplot Easy to use function plotter
ezplot3 Easy to use 3-D parametric curve plotter
ezpolar Easy to use polar coordinate plotter
ezsurf Easy to use 3-D colored surface plotter
ezsurfc Easy to use combination surface/contour plotter
fplot Plot a function


hist Plot histograms
histc Histogram count
rose Plot rose or angle histogram

Polygons and Surfaces

convhull Convex hull
cylinder Generate cylinder
delaunay Delaunay triangulation
dsearch Search Delaunay triangulation for nearest point
ellipsoid Generate ellipsoid
fill Draw filled 2-D polygons
fill3 Draw filled 3-D polygons in 3-space
inpolygon True for points inside a polygonal region
pcolor Pseudocolor (checkerboard) plot
polyarea Area of polygon
ribbon Ribbon plot
slice Volumetric slice plot
sphere Generate sphere
tsearch Search for enclosing Delaunay triangle
voronoi Voronoi diagram
waterfall Waterfall plot

Scatter Plots

plotmatrix Scatter plot matrix
scatter Scatter plot
scatter3 3-D scatter plot


frame2im Convert movie frame to indexed image
getframe Capture movie frame
im2frame Convert image to movie frame
movie Play recorded movie frames
noanimate Change EraseMode of all objects to normal

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