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Pass block input to From blocks


Signal Routing


The Goto block passes its input to its corresponding From blocks. The input can be a real- or complex-valued signal or vector of any data type. From and Goto blocks allow you to pass a signal from one block to another without actually connecting them.

A Goto block can pass its input signal to more than one From block, although a From block can receive a signal from only one Goto block. The input to that Goto block is passed to the From blocks associated with it as though the blocks were physically connected. For limitations on the use of From and Goto blocks, see From. Goto blocks and From blocks are matched by the use of Goto tags, defined in the Tag parameter.

The Tag visibility parameter determines whether the location of From blocks that access the signal is limited:

Use local tags when the Goto and From blocks using the same tag name reside in the same subsystem. You must use global or scoped tags when the Goto and From blocks using the same tag name reside in different subsystems. When you define a tag as global, all uses of that tag access the same signal. A tag defined as scoped can be used in more than one place in the model. This example shows a model that uses two scoped tags with the same name (A).

Data Type Support

A Goto block accepts real or complex signals of any data type, including fixed-point data types, except int64 and uint64.

Parameters and Dialog Box

The Goto block identifier. This parameter identifies the Goto block whose scope is defined in this block.
Tag visibility
The scope of the Goto block tag: local, scoped, or global. The default is local.
Corresponding From blocks
List of the From blocks connected to this Goto block. Double-clicking any entry in this list displays and highlights the corresponding From block.


Sample Time
Inherited from driving block

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