MATCH: A MATLAB Compilation Environment for Distributed Heterogeneous Adaptive Computing Systems

Project Funding:
DARPA Adaptive Computing Systems Program
DARPA Program Manager Dr. Jose Munoz, DARPA ITO
AFRL Program Manager: Dr. Ralph Kohler, Air Force Research Lab

Project Leaders: Prof. Prithviraj Banerjee, Prof. Alok Choudhary, Prof. Scott Hauck. Prof. Nagaraj Shenoy.

New! A type inference engine for MATLAB is now available from The MAGICA Home Page.

Technology Transfer to a Startup Company

An exclusive license of the Match Compiler has been transferred to a startup company called AccelChip, Inc. (formerly called Mach Design Systems), located in Schaumburg, Illinois. The company has been founded by some professors and students working on the MATCH compiler at Northwestern University. For more information about the company check here AccelChip

News Release on MATCH Project: Compiler shortens DSP design time, startup claims

SCHAUMBURG, Ill.: Mach Design Systems, a startup, claims to have "cracked the code" for synthesizing DSPs using C code from the Matlab simulator of The Mathworks Inc. Based on a compiler developed at Northwestern University, Mach Design said it can convert Matlab code into register-transfer level (RTL) VHDL that can be used to synthesize ASICs or FPGAs. The compiler can also generate C code that can execute on general-purpose embedded processors, said Prith Banerjee, president and chief executive officer of the new company. See more details at News Article in EE Times Aug. 2000 ,

Project Overview

Adaptive computing systems are composed of reconfigurable hardware and are capable of adaptation to various computation requirements of DOD aplications. It is widely known that purely FPGA-based systems are unsuitable for complete algorithm implementation for complex applications. A practical approach to build adaptive computing system is to build it out of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) FPGAs, DSP processors and embedded processors all integrated within one system. A key problem that needs to be addressed is how to map a given computation onto such a heterogeneous architecture without expecting the application programmer to get into the low level details of the architecture and program the system at the level of assembly code for the embedded and DSP processors, or at the level of VHDL programming for the FPGA logic.

The main objective of the MATCH (MATlab Compiler for Heterogeneous adaptive computing systems) project is to make it easier for the users to develop efficient codes for adaptive computing systems. We will develop a compiler that will take in the user's applications written in a high-level language (MATLAB) and generate efficient low level code that will run on COTS FPGAs, COTS embedded processors, COTS DSP processors.

The specific goals of the MATCH project are to:

The project was funded by DARPA from March 1998 to August 2001. The project is now continuing with support from NASA.

Problem Description

Descriptions of Tasks

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Team Members

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