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The Center for Parallel Distributed Computing had a total research expenditure of about $1.6 million during 1996-97. The details are provided below for three of the most active members of the Center, Prof. Banerjee, Prof. Choudhary, and Prof. Taylor.

  • Defensed Advanced Research Projects Agency/ARO/UIUC, F701, (P. Banerjee), $300,000.
  • National Science Foundation, F615, (P. Banerjee), $90,000.
  • National Science Foundation, F812, (P. Banerjee), $25,000.
  • Northwestern University Startup Funds, 101Z, $450,000.
  • Intel Corporation, F702, (A. Choudhary), $50,000.
  • Intel Corporation, F703, (A. Choudhary), $80,000.
  • Air Force Systems Command, Rome Labs, F711, (A. Choudhary), $100,000.
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency/Caltech, F713, (A. Choudhary), $200,000.
  • Sandia National Labs, F614, (A. Choudhary), $70,000.
  • National Science Foundation, F811, (A. Choudhary), $75,000.
  • National Science Foundation, F813, (A. Choudhary), $67,000.
  • National Science Foundation NYI Award, F688 (V. Taylor), $100,000.
  • National Science Foundation Petaflops Award, F810 (V. Taylor), $32,000.
  • National Science Foundation, Equipment Award, F814 (V. Taylor), $20,000
  • AlliedSignal, Inc., F708 and F709, (V. Taylor), $30,000
  • TOTAL EXPENDITURES: $1,689,000.

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