I'm currently a fifth-year PhD candidate in Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at Northwestern University. I'm co-advised by Professor Dongning Guo and Professor Michael L. Honig .

I received my B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) in 2013. I was a member of the Teaching Reform Class at SJTU.


Northwestern University, Evanston, IL    Sep. 2013---Present
Ph.D. candidate in Electrical Engineering
Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China    Sep. 2009---Jun. 2013
B.S. in Electrical Engineering


Terminal year fellowship   Northwestern University 2018
IEEE WCNC travel grant   IEEE WCNC 2017
IEEE WCNC Best Paper Award   IEEE WCNC 2017
Walter P. Murphy Fellowship   Northwestern University 2013
Professional Development Scholarship    Northwestern University    2013
Third Place Prize at the 27th National Undergraduate Physics Competition.      2010
Academic Excellence Scholarship of Shanghai Jiao Tong University    SJTU    2009, 2010


My research interests include a variety of topics from wireless communicatoin networks to resource allocation, network optimization, and signal processing.


1. Programming Languages: Python, Matlab, C, VHDL.

2. Strong analytical and mathematical skills.

3. Machine learning and data mining.


Working papers:
1. Zhiyi Zhou and Dongning Guo, "1000-cell global spectrum allocation, user association, and power control", to be submitted to ISIT 2018.
2. Zhiyi Zhou and Dongning Guo, "Centralized radio resource management for super large networks", to be submitted to IEEE Transactions on Networking.
3. Zhiyi Zhou, Rapeepat Ratasuk, Nitin Mangalvedhe and Amitava Ghosh, "Voice over NB-IoT", to be submitted to IEEE VTC 2018.
4. Zhiyi Zhou, Rapeepat Ratasuk, Nitin Mangalvedhe and Amitava Ghosh, "Scheduling design for uplink NB-IoT", to be submitted to IEEE VTC 2018.

Published papers:
1. Z. Zhou , R. Ratasuk, N. Mangalvedhe, A. Ghosh, "Resource allocation for uplink grant-free ultra-reliable and low latency communications", to appear in IEEE VTC 2018.
2. Z. Zhou , D. Guo, "1000-cell global spectrum management", ACM MobiHoc, Chennai, India, 2017. Presentation video at ACM MobiHoc 2017.
3. Z. Zhou , X. Chen, D. Guo, M. L. Honig, "Sparse channel estimation for massive MIMO with 1-bit feedback per dimension", IEEE WCNC 2017.
4. Z. Zhou , D. Guo, M. L. Honig, "Licensed and unlicensed spectrum allocation in heterogeneous networks", in IEEE Transactions on Communication, vol. 65, no. 4, pp. 1815-1827, 2017.
5. Z. Zhou , H. Ge, J. Liu, W. Xiao, "Load-based resource allocation and interference coordination for multi-carrier dense networks", IEEE VTC, Montreal, Canada, 2016.
6. H. Ge, Z. Zhou , J. Liu, W. Xiao, "Spectrum allocation in cellular networks with wireless in-band backhaul", IEEE VTC, Sydney, Australia, 2017.
7. Z. Zhou , D. Guo, M. L. Honig, "Allocation of licensed and unlicensed spectrum in heterogeneous networks", in Proc. IEEE Australian Communication Theory Workshop (AusCTW), Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 2016.
8. Z. Zhou , F. Teng, J. Liu, W. Xiao, "Performance evaluation for coexistence of LTE and WiFi", in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC), Kauai, Hawaii, USA, 2016.
9. Z. Zhou , D. Guo, M. L. Honig, "A Message-Passing Approach to Combating Hidden Terminals in Wireless Networks", arXiv preprint, arXiv:1401.7374, 2014.
10. Z. Zhou , R. Du, C. Chen, B. Yang, X. Guan, "PackTrix: From data packing to reconstruction for a sensor network based structural health monitoring system," IEEE GLOBECOM, Atlanta, GA, USA, 2013.
11. R. Du, C. Chen, Z. Zhou , B. Yang, X. Guan, "L1/2-based iterative matrix completion for data transmission in lossy environment," IEEE INFOCOM, (Poster), pp. 2437-2438, Turin, Italy, 2013.


1. Dongning Guo, Zhiyi Zhou, "Radio resource management in metropolitan area networks", US Provisional Patent application 62/565,681, 2017.
2. Dongning Guo, Zhiyi Zhou, "Radio resource management in large wireless networks", US Provisional Patent application 62/461,441, 2017.
3. J. Liu, F. Teng, W. Xiao, Z. Zhou , "Device, Network, and Method for Communications with Carrier Sensing and Coexistence", US Patent application 62/063,290, 2014.
4. C. Chen, Z. Zhou , X. Guan, "Railroad bridge structure health monitoring system based on wireless sensor actuator network," Chinese Patent CN103198638 A, 2013.

Industry Experiences

Summer Research Intern, Nokia Bell Labs, Arlington Heights, IL.    Jun. 2017---Sep. 2017
Project: 5G New Radio applications.
• Supervisors: Dr. Rapeepat Ratasuk and Dr. Amitava Ghosh
• Designed resource allocation schemes for 5G New Radios applications.
• Developed a system simulator to evaluate the performance of the proposed schemes.
Summer Research Intern, Huawei Technologies, Rolling Meadows, IL.    Jun. 2015---Sep. 2015
Project: Carrier-level resource allocation and interference coordination for multi-carrier dense networks.
• Supervisors: Dr. Jialing Liu and Dr. Weimin Xiao
• Investigated and designed traffic-aware carrier-level resource allocation schemes for densely deployed heterogenous networks with/without wireless inband backhaul.
Summer Research Intern, Huawei Technologies , Rolling Meadows, IL.    Jun. 2014---Sep. 2014
Project: Coexistence between LTE and WiFi in unlicensed spectrum.
• Supervisors: Dr. Jialing Liu and Dr. Weimin Xiao
• Investigated coexistence between LTE andWiFi on unlicensed band, proposed coexistence schemes, built the simulation platform and simulated the performance of both systems under various node densities and traffic conditions..

Teaching Experiences

Spring 2015    Teaching Assistant    EECS 302 Probabilistic Systems and Random Signals  
Spring 2016    Teaching Assistant    EECS 333 Introduction to Communication Networks  

Activities & Involvement

• Reviewer for IEEE Trans. Commun., IEEE J. on Select. Areas Commun., IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun., IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol., IEEE Commun. Letter, IEEE Wireless Commun. Letter, WCNC, CSCN, CSE.  
• Technical program committee (TPC) member of SigTelCom 2018, PIMRC 2017, PIMRC Workshop 09, PIMRC Special session 04.