ECE 510: Advanced Wireless Networks
Spring 2003

References for Lectures 19

    The main reference for this lecture is Chapter 6 in Tse and Viswanath.
    The optimal power allocation for the symmetric sum capacity is given in
      R. Knopp and P. Humblet, "Information capacity and power control in single-cell mulituser communications," Proc. of ICC '95, June 1995.
    The optimal power allocation for other points in the capacity region is discussed in
      D. Tse and S. Hanly, "Multi-access Fading Channels: Part I: Polymatroid Structure, Optimal Resource Allocation and Throughput Capacities," IEEE trans. on Informaiton Theory, Nov. 1998.
    (In this work, the polymatroid structure of the capacity region discussed in Lecture 18 is exploited to find the optimal power allocation.)