ECE 510: Advanced Wireless Networks
Spring 2003

References for Lectures 10

    Most of the material in this lecture was taken from Tse and Viswanath, Section 3.3.
    Antenna arrays have long been used for beamforming in communication systems - see for example:
      W. C. Jakes, Ed. Microwave Mobile Communications, Wiley, 1974.
    An antenna array with an adaptive antenna pattern is often called a "smart antenna". There are a number of books that discuss the use of these for wireless systems, see for example:
      J. Liberti and T. Rappaport, Smart Antennas for Wireless Communication Prentice Hall, 1999.
    There is a large amount of literature on signal processing algorithms for antenna arrays, often referred to by such names as spatial filtering or array processing. See for example:
      S. Pillai, Array Signal Processing, Springer-Verlag, 1989.
    An extension of transmitter beamforming for the case where only partial CSI is available at the receiver is discussed in:
      A. Narula, et al., "Efficient Use of Side Information in Multiple-Antenna Data Transmission over Fading Channels," IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Commun., Vol. 16, Oct. 1998.
    An extension of the Alomouti scheme to more than 2 antennas is discussed in:
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