EECS 454: Advanced Communication Networks
Spring 2008

Lecture Topics/Notes

The lectures from 2006 can be found here

3/31/08 Introduction/Overview [slides(pdf)]
4/2/08 Probability review [probability review notes (pdf)]
4/4/08Delay models; Little's theorem
4/9/08Poisson arrival processes, M/M/1 queue.
4/11/08M/M/1 queue: Markov chain model, steady-state probabilities
4/14/08PASTA property, M/M/m and M/M/m/m queues, Erlang blocking formulas
4/16/08Multi-class loss networks, reversibility, truncation.
4/21/08M/G/1 queues, PK-formula, M/G/1 queues with vacations
4/23/08Multi-class M/G/1 queues, Reservation and Polling Systems
4/28/08Priority queues, Convervation Laws, c-mu rule
4/30/08Generalized Processor sharing, weighted fair queueing
5/7/08Traffic modeling: Markov modulated models, fluid models, self similarity and long range dependence
5/12/08Networks of queues, Burke's Theorem, Reversibility, Klienrock's independence approximation
5/14/08 Graph-based routing
5/19/08Minimum spanning Trees, Shortest path trees, Bellman-Ford algorithm, Adaptive shortest path routing
5/21/08Optimization-based routing, convex programming, distributed optimal routing
5/26/08Congestion control and Fairness, max-min fiarness, proportional fairness, utility-based congestion control.
5/28/08utility-based congesiton control and TCP; traffic policing/shapping; leaky-buckets and network calculus.