ECE 454: Advanced Communication Networks
Winter 2005

Lecture Topics/Notes

1/4/05 Introduction/Overview [notes(pdf)]
1/6/05 Distributed Algorithms - Correctness (Liveness, Saftey), 3 Army problem, Stop-and Wait ARQ
1/11/05 Distributed Algorithms - Sliding widnow ARQ protocols, Initialization and Disconnect protocols
1/13/05 Introduction to delay models, Little's theorem
1/18/05 Poisson Processes, M/M/1 queue, Markov Chains
1/20/05 Balance equations for Markov Chains, PASTA, M/M/m and M/M/m/m queues, Erlang loss formulas
1/25/05Multiclass Loss Networks, Truncation
1/27/05M/G/1 queues, the Pollaczek-Khinchin formula, M/G/1 queues with Vacations
2/1/05Reservations and Polling systems, Round robin queueing
2/3/05 Priority queueing, Conservation laws, the c-mu rule
2/8/05Generalized processor sharing, fair queueing
2/10/05Networks of queues, Kleinrock's independence assumption, Burkes theorem, Reversibility.
2/15/05Other Traffic Models - Markov modulated models, Fluid models, Gaussian models, Self-similar traffic.
2/22/05Routing and graph theory, Minimum spanning trees
2/24/05Shortest path trees, Bellman-Ford algorithm, Multicast Routing/Steiner Trees
3/1/05Adaptive shortest path routing, Optimization-based routing, Frank-Wolfe Method.
3/8/05No class
3/9/05MAKE-UP LECTURE (RM L251, 3:30-5:00):