EECS 454: Advanced Communication Networks
Spring 2013

Lecture Topics/Notes

Lectures from 2010 can be found here

4/4/13 Introduction/overview, flow models.
4/9/13 Pareto Optimality, max-min fairness, proportional fairness.
4/11/13 Convex sets and functions, first order optimality conditions; alpha-fair utilities.
4/16/13 Subgradients, Lagrange multipliers, the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker theorem.
4/18/13 KKT condtions and Network Utility maximization; Primal congestion control algorithms, Dynamical systems and the Lyaponov theorem.
4/23/13 Lagrangian duality, dual algorithms for congestion control, Adaptive window flow control and TCP.
4/25/13 Congestion control with strategic users: VCG mechanism, Kelly mechanism, Nash equilibrium and price of anarchy.
4/30/13 Price of Anarchy of the Kelly mechanism; Introduction of delay models.
5/7/13 Queueing models, Little's theorem, Poisson processes.
5/9/13 The M/M/1 queue, Markov chains and stationary distributions, PASTA property.
5/14/13 Other Markovian queues, Erlang formulas, Multi-class queues and reversibility.
5/16/13 M/G/1 queues and the Pollaczek-Khinchin formula, M/G/1 queues with vacations and priorities.
5/16/13 Reversibility and Burke's theorem, Networks of queues, Klienrock's independence assumption, Jackson networks.
5/23/13 Stability in queueing networks; Scheduling.
5/28/13 Maximal capacity region, Foster-Lyaponov Theorem.
5/30/13 Back-pressure Max-weight policy, applications to wireless networks
6/4/13 Dynamic Routing, optimization based routing, combined routing and NUM.