ECE 361 - Computer Architecture
Fall 2005

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Instructor: Alok Choudhary choudhar(AT)
  Office Hours: T 3:00-4:00 in L469 or by Appointment
TAs: Avery Ching aching(AT)
  Office Hours: W 1:00-4:00 in L460 or by Appointment
  Kenin Coloma kcoloma(AT)
  Office Hours: TTh 2:00-3:30 in L460 or by Appointment
Class Info: TTh 11:00-12:20 Tech. M128

Textbook: D. Patterson and J. Hennessy, Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface
Midterm: November 17


11/29/05 November 1st Demo Times:
Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4
11/08/05 Assignment 4 has been posted. Be sure to at least take a look at it before the midterm. It is due Nov. 22nd
11/08/05 Office hours for next week are canceled for Avery and Kenin as they will be out of town for a conference.
11/02/05There's a small adjustment to homework 3 problem 3. The assignment links have been updated with the change. The major changes have been underlined here and should read:

Your friends at C3 (Creative Computer Corporation) have determined that the critical path that sets the clock cycle length of the multicycle datapath is memory access for loads and stores (not for instructions). This has caused their newest implementation of the MIPS 30000 to run at a clock rate of 500 MHz rather than the target clock rate of 750 MHz. However, Clara at C3 has a solution. If all the cycles that access memory are broken into two clock cycles, then the machine can run at its target clock rate. Using the gcc mixes shown in Table 1, determine how much faster the machine with the two-cycle memory accesses is compared with the 500-MHz machine with single-cycle memory access. Assume that all jumps and branches take the same number of cycles and that the set instructions and arithmetic immediate instructions are implemented as R-type instructions.
11/02/05Assignment 3 is out and is due Nov. 10th.
11/01/05The Final Project is out and is due during the class period on December 1st. Please do not overlook the fact that there is a write-up due in addition to the demo.
10/20/05Assigment 2 is out and is due at the beginning of class November 1st.
10/13/05Issues resolved with Mentor Graphics 2004. You can make the switch to MGC 2004 at your leisure, I don't think there are any interoperability issues for the final project if one person in the group is using 2004 and the rest are using C4. Anyhow, to use MGC 2004, please use the new ~kcoloma/mgc_2004.env. To find gen_lib, open a schematic, and go through the Libraries menu and select Generic Libraries.
10/13/05There seem to be issues with Mentor Graphics 2004, so for the ALU project, please use ~kcoloma/mgc_c4.env. If you're running MGC remotely, see the setup page for the MGC C4 fonts. Sorry about the change.
10/11/05One more quick clarification for the last problem in Assignment 1. The CPI being referred to as not changing is the overall effective CPI, not the individual average CPI's for each instruction type.
10/11/05Lab 1 is posted. It is due two weeks from now on 10/25. Also, just a reminder, Assignment 1 is due this Thursday, Oct. 13.
9/28/05Assignment 1 is up. It is due next Thursday, Oct. 13. Note that for the third edition of the textbook, you may need to refer to the included supplemental material cd.
9/28/05Updated Midterm Exam date. It's on November 17th during class, and it's open book/open notes.
9/22/05Apparently there is a new version of the Mentor Graphics Suite. To use it, you may optionally copy, but at least source the file ~kcoloma/mgc_2004.env. Everything else should be the same in the tutorial. If you'd like to run MGC from a remote X-server, follow the directions here.
9/22/05Don't forget to source ~kcoloma/mgc_c4.env instead of ~kcoloma/mgc.env before firing up design manager.
9/20/05Welcome to Computer Architecture! Website's up! Enjoy. Don't forget that this thursday's class will be in Wilkinson. Please print and bring the "New" Tutorial.


Topic2nd Edition3rd Edition
Introduction and Metrics Chapters 1 and 2 Chapters 1 and 4
Instruction Set Architecture Chapter 3 sections 3.1-3.11, 3.13, 3.14 Chapter 2 sections 2.1-2.10, 2.13, 2.15, 2.17, 2.18
Arithmetic Chapter 4 sections 4.1-4.8 Chapter 3 sections 3.1-3.6
Datapath & Control Chapter 5 sections 5.1-5.4 Chapter 5 sections 5.1-5.5
Pipelining Chapter 6 sections 6.1-6.6 Chapter 6 sections 6.1-6.6
Caching Chapter 7 sections 7.1-7.5 Chapter 7 sections 7.1-7.5


Lecture 1 Introduction pdf, ppt
Lecture 2 Performance pdf, ppt
Lecture 3 ISA pdf, ppt
Lecture 4 MIPS ISA pdf, ppt
Lecture 5 ALU Design pdf, ppt
Lecture 6 ALU (cont.) pdf, ppt
Lecture 7 ALU: Division pdf, ppt
Lecture 8 Single Cycle Datapath pdf, ppt
Lecture 9 Single Cycle Control pdf, ppt
Lecture 10 Multi Cycle Datapath pdf, ppt
Lecture 11 Multi Cycle Control pdf, ppt
Lecture 12 Pipelined Processor pdf, ppt
Lecture 13 Pipelined Control pdf, ppt
Lecture 14 Cache pdf, ppt
Lecture 15 Cache (cont.) pdf, ppt
Lecture 16 Memory pdf, ppt
Lecture 17 Virtual Memory pdf, ppt


AssignmentDue Date
Assignment 1 Oct. 13th
Assignment 2,
Figure 1,
Figure 2a,
Figure 2b
Nov. 1st
Assignment 3,
Figure 1,
Figure 2,
Figure 3
Nov. 10th
Assignment 4 Nov. 22nd

Late Policy: 25% of max points deducted per day late


ProjectDue Date
ALU Project Oct. 25
MIPS Project Dec. 1


New Tutorial
Old Tutorial
Mentor Graphics refresher
Setting up Mentor Graphics