May 2006
  • Debasish Das will visit the Strategic CAD Research Lab of Intel Inc., Hillsboro, OR as an intern for the summer of 2006
  • Jia Wang will visit Calypto Design Systems, Santa Clara, CA as an intern for the summer of 2006
  • Ruiming Chen will visit the T J Watson Research Center of IBM, Yorktown Heights, NY as an intern for the summer of 2006
  • Chuan Lin and Debjit Sinha passed their Ph.D. final examinations
  • Jia Wang and Nikos Liveris passed the Ph.D. oral qualifying examinations

October 2005

  • ICCAD 2005 (November 6 -10, 2005), San Jose, CA : 5 regular papers accepted (session details)
    Session Area Speaker Date and time
    2D.2 Novel ideas in logic synthesis Chuan Lin 11/7, 15:00
    4B.1 Sequential circuit optimization Chuan Lin 11/8, 08:00
    4A.3 Buffers and voltage islands Ruiming Chen 11/8, 09:30
    9C.2 Statistical timing analysis Debjit Sinha 11/9, 11:00
    11C.3 Statistical optimization Debjit Sinha 11/9, 17:00

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