Wavelet Toolbox    

Extended pseudocolor matrix scaling



wcodemat is a general utility.

Y = wcodemat(X,NBCODES,OPT,ABSOL) returns a coded version of input matrix X if ABSOL = 0, or ABS(X) if ABSOL is nonzero, using the first NBCODES integers. Coding can be done row-wise (OPT = 'row' or 'r'), columnwise (OPT = 'col' or 'c'), or globally (OPT = 'mat' or 'm').

Coding uses a regular grid between the minimum and the maximum values of each row (column or matrix, respectively).

Y = wcodemat(X,NBCODES,OPT) is equivalent to Y = wcodemat(X,NBCODES,OPT,1).

Y = wcodemat(X,NBCODES) is equivalent to Y = wcodemat(X,NBCODES,'mat',1).

Y = wcodemat(X) is equivalent to Y = wcodemat(X,16,'mat',1).

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