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Multilevel 1-D wavelet decomposition



wavedec performs a multilevel one-dimensional wavelet analysis using either a specific wavelet ('wname') or a specific wavelet decomposition filters (Lo_D and Hi_D, see wfilters).

[C,L] = wavedec(X,N,'wname') returns the wavelet decomposition of the signal X at level N, using 'wname'. N must be a strictly positive integer (see wmaxlev for more information). The output decomposition structure contains the wavelet decomposition vector C and the bookkeeping vector L. The structure is organized as in this level-3 decomposition example:

[C,L] = wavedec(X,N,Lo_D,Hi_D) returns the decomposition structure as above, given the low- and high-pass decomposition filters you specify.



Given a signal s of length N, the DWT consists of log2 N stages at most. The first step produces, starting from s, two sets of coefficients: approximation coefficients CA1, and detail coefficients CD1. These vectors are obtained by convolving s with the low-pass filter Lo_D for approximation, and with the high-pass filter Hi_D for detail, followed by dyadic decimation (downsampling).

More precisely, the first step is

The length of each filter is equal to 2N. If n = length(s), the signals F and G are of length n + 2N - 1 and the coefficients cA1 and cD1 are of length

The next step splits the approximation coefficients cA1 in two parts using the same scheme, replacing s by cA1, and producing cA2 and cD2, and so on


The wavelet decomposition of the signal s analyzed at level j has the following structure: [cAj, cDj, ..., cD1].

This structure contains, for J = 3, the terminal nodes of the following tree:

See Also

dwt, waveinfo, waverec, wfilters, wmaxlev


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