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Shift zero-frequency component of discrete Fourier transform to center of spectrum



Y = fftshift(X) rearranges the outputs of fft, fft2, and fftn by moving the zero-frequency component to the center of the array. It is useful for visualizing a Fourier transform with the zero-frequency component in the middle of the spectrum.

For vectors, fftshift(X) swaps the left and right halves of X. For matrices, fftshift(X) swaps quadrants one and three of X with quadrants two and four. For higher-dimensional arrays, fftshift(X) swaps "half-spaces" of X along each dimension.

Y = fftshift(X,dim) applies the fftshift operation along the dimension dim.


For any matrix X

has Y(1,1) = sum(sum(X)); the zero-frequency component of the signal is in the upper-left corner of the two-dimensional FFT. For

this zero-frequency component is near the center of the matrix.

See Also

circshift, fft, fft2, fftn, ifftshift

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