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Argonne National Lab

Prof. Taylor has had a long collaborative relationship with researchers at Argonne National Laboratory. Prof. Taylor is currently involved with three collaborative projects with Argonne National Laboratory. First, is the collaborative project related to the analysis of the aircraft brake system. The particular finite element code used for the analysis was developed by Dr. Canfield at Argonne. The second project relates to the resource management for distributed system project. This project is part of the GLOBUS project. The last project, which has just started, relates to developing system models to aid in predicting relative performance of applications executing on different systems.

In addition, two of the scientists from Argonne National Lab, Dr. Ian Foster and Dr. William Gropp, are members of the Center. They have continuing collaboration in the areas of the PARADIGM compiler for distributed memory multicomputers, interaction of task and data parallelism using HPF and MPI, and parallel I/O.

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