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OTC Software
The software packages in the list below have been developed at the OTC.
Follow the links for instructions on how to download them and for restrictions on their use.

Linear Programming Solver 

  •  PCx   Primal-dual interior-point code for linear programming.

Quadratic Programming Solver

  • OOQP Object-oriented interior-point code for convex quadratic programming.

Nonlinear Programming Solvers

  •  KNITRO  Interior point method for constrained optimization. Also effective for unconstrained problems.
  • CG+    Conjugate Gradient code for solving large-scale, unconstrained, nonlinear optimization problems.
  •  DGSOL    Software package for solving large distance geometry problems in macromolecular modeling.
  •  L-BFGS  Limited memory quasi-Newton method for the solution of large-scale unconstrained optimization problems.
  •  L-BFGS-B   Limited-memory quasi-Newton code for large-scale bound-constrained or unconstrained optimization.
  •  TRON   Trust region Newton method for the solution of large bound-constrained optimization problems.

Linear Algebra Software

  •  ICFS    Incomplete Cholesky factorization for the solution of large-scale trust region subproblems and positive definite

  • systems of linear equations. 
  •  PREQN   Package for automatically generating preconditioners for the conjugate gradient method.

Nonlinearly Constrained Problems Suite

  •  COPS    A collection of large-scale nonlinearly Constrained Optimization ProblemS. 
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