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Computing Facilities Rules of Use

The cooperation of users is essential to the continued security and smooth operation of the department Computing Facilities. The rules that follow are designed to help keep these facilities operating safely for all users. Those who violate these rules may have their computer access removed at the discretion of the IT Manager, be referred to the appropriate University entity for investigation/discipline, or have their case investigated by law enforcement personnel.

  1. A computer account issued to you is for your own use only. You are the only person allowed to use the account. This means your spouse can't use it, your siblings can't use it, your mother can't use it, your friends can't use it. No one but you can use it.
  2. Do not reveal your password to anyone, for any reason. If you suspect that someone knows your password, then change it immediately. Contact EECS IT if you need help.
  3. Do not attempt to guess or otherwise obtain someone else's password or to access accounts and machines to which you're not authorized.
  4. Do not attempt to exploit any security vulnerabilites on any computers or devices. Not even to test them. Do not attempt to elevate your account privileges. Any of these can result in your expulsion from the University and/or criminal prosecution.
  5. Choose a password that is difficult to guess. Here are some poor choices for a password: any part of your name, your student ID number, the name of anyone close to you, your username.
  6. Do not copy, delete, or modify any file you do not own without the owner's permission. Even if permissions on the file are lax.
  7. Do not use anyone else's account. Exception: you may logoff an account that has been left logged on (if you do this, send that user an email from your account informing him or her of what was done).
  8. Make sure you log out of your account before you leave public locations, such as the labs.
  9. Do not do anything which will intentionally inhibit or interfere with other users.
  10. Do not use the facilities to attempt to gain illegal or unauthorized access to other computers. Do not scan computers and devices for vulnerabilites.
  11. Do not run multiple copies of licensed software (such as Mentor), since this unfairly deprives others of their opportunity to "check out" a license and use the software.
  12. Do not move, relocate, reboot, or turn off any computer equipment. If you need assistance, contact a qualified member of the staff or faculty. Do not damage the equipment in any way.
  13. DO report problems by sending mail to the EECS IT Staff.

Computer Labs Rules of Use

The lab rules listed below apply in addition to the general EECS IT policies stated above.

  1. Do not eat food or drink from an unsealed container at the computer desks. Eating and drinking is allowed in other locations.
  2. The lab doors must remain closed and locked, except when someone is entering or leaving. This is for your own protection and for the protection of the equipment in the room. Do not prop open the doors.
  3. Do not abuse or damage the equipment or furniture in any way.
  4. Clean up after yourself. Please respect the labs and fellow students by keeping the room, desks, and floors pristine and free from garbage such as paper scraps, discarded newspaper, empty cups, etc.
  5. Do not move, relocate, reboot, or turn off any computer equipment. If you need assistance, contact the IT Staff.
  6. Do not lock any of the workstation displays (using xlock or the like). If you need to leave the room for more than a couple of minutes, log out.
  7. The printers may be used only for printing EECS classwork-related jobs. They may not be used for another department's classes. You may print small personal documents intermittently as well.

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